Angelic Khodam of Spiritual Enlightenment, Beauty & Financial Success!






I am honored to present an Angelic Khodam who brings Spiritual Enlightenment and Financial Success! She is as powerful as a Genie, with the Sweet, Loving Spirit of an Angel! This Royal Khodam has the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Ancients! Her Tremendous Energy immediately surrounds and protects you! She blesses her Keeper with Good Luck and all the Abundance and Prosperity you will ever need! Your life will overflow with Material and Spiritual Gifts! She uses her Magick to shift Universal Forces and Energies to Manifest your Perfect Life! Welcome Her Highness into your life to experience Spiritual Growth, Emotional Healing and Life’s Brightest Blessings!

The sacred spirit stone is a 1 ½”  Pyrite, a beautiful talisman of Unlimited and Infinite Powers! Take Complete Control of Your Life! See Fast Results! This Royal Khodam's Magick will bring you all you Desire and Deserve! I will include a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and the Khodam’s name and Welcoming Ritual to her next companion.

This Khodam helps you travel your own Magickal Journey! Her energy awakens even your slumbering Talents and hidden Gifts, multiplying them exponentially! You will be astounded by your own Personal Powers! You will connect to the Universal Energy and your Sixth Sense will be blown wide open! You will be able to glimpse into the future, read people clearly, and communicate easily with Magickal Creatures and White Lighted Spirits! This Lovey Khodam will focus all of her Exceptional Powers completely on satisfying your every desire!