Anointing & Eternity Oils

I am proud to offer the Finest Anointing Oils and Incense available! Each Oil is carefully crafted in small batches with Organic Almond Oil and Special Unique Blends of Secret Ingredients of Essential Oils, Herbs and Botanicals, then enhanced with combinations of Crystals, Herbs, and/or Alchemical ingredients. Mix and match the Oils and incense to create your own Personalized Magick!

My Oils and Incense are Excellent for Enhancing the Powers and Energies of your Spell Work, Rituals, Seances, Ceremonies, Prayers, Meditations and Visions. Wonderful when making Offerings. Exceptional for Conjuring and Invoking Spirits and Magical Creatures! I use these oils in a variety of ways. A little Oil goes a long way, so just a drop will do. Anointing the third eye is excellent. I anoint spirit vessels and offerings if they are stone. I also anoint candles, crystals, lucky talismans, and small pieces of cloth I carry with me. Another favorite way I use them is to anoint a piece of paper that I am using to do spell work, for my book of shadows, and even journaling and letters. Heat them in a warmer to fill your home with their wonderful scents! There is a limited availability each month so be sure to get yours before they’re gone!