Dax, Rare Powerful Centaur Spirit Offers Protection from All Evils!






I present to you Dax, a rare and powerful Centaur Spirit that will protect you from all evils. This mighty Centaur is very strong. He will crush your enemies with ease. This Spirit will work to clear your path of any negative energies. He is very loyal and wishes to see his companion prosper. Dax will lift your spirits when you are feeling down. He will guide you on the road to Enlightenment. It is very rare that I come across a Centaur in need of a new human companion. This Spirit of White Light will offer you complete protection from whatever is afflicting you.

Dax is bound to a 3/4 Black Onyx Spirit Sphere. He will arrive with a welcoming ritual on parchment paper. I will include a velvet charging pouch.

Centaurs are truly amazing. These exotic beasts will help you connect with mother nature. Although they are known to be fierce warriors, they can also be gentle and friendly creatures. This spirit will use ancient Magick to protect your soul from evil of all kinds. Dax will bring you many blessings. Your days will be brighter and filled with joy. Centaurs are very rare. Don't miss out on an opportunity to be one of the lucky ones and welcome their Magick into your life.