Extreme Wealth & Power Ring = Complete Control! Get All You Desire & Deserve!







This Extraordinary Magick Ring is one of The Most Powerful Treasures in My Personal Collection! It was spelled in an Ancient, Sacred Ritual many years ago to attract Extreme Wealth and Power! It is a Warlock Legacy Ring, passed to me by my Mentor Damen when I left his care to Make My Own Way in The World. It holds the Secrets and Energies of each Powerful Practitioner to Possess it before You. It is Fully Charged with an All-Powerful Magick Energy that literally pulls the Universe's Abundance to its possessor! The next to possess this Magick Treasure will be showered with Riches, Power, and Golden Opportunities for Unimaginable amounts of Wealth! Money is Power and this Ancient Magick provides all you need and so much more!

This is a very old sterling ring cast by an Alchemist of extraordinary talents. It is size 10, and holds a simply magnificent Golden Tiger Eye Gemstone. This is an Amazing Treasure of Unlimited Wealth Powers! I will include a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual to make its Magick YOURS!

This Stunning Ring gives you and yours strong Financial Security and Protection! It also offers guidance from past experiences to future goals, paths, and events. As well as Wealth and Future Prosperity, Awareness and Insight, it is an all-encompassing High Energy Talisman! Each day you possess this Ring, you will become more and more Powerful! Your natural Paranormal Powers will come forward and be easily accessible to you! If you feel dizzy or light-headed from the energy in this Warlock Legacy Ring, place it near you while you sleep for a few nights, and your energies will have a chance to blend. Take Control of Your Life! Rule Your Domain! Revel in your Success while commanding the Respect from everyone you come in contact with! With this Powerful Ring, Nothing Can Stop You from Manifesting All You Deserve and Desire!