Genie Empress of the Nine Tribes Grants Riches, Wisdom, Success & Love







I am honored to present to you the Genie Empress of the Nine Tribes! This powerful Djinniya is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your life. Your every wish becomes her command, and with her extraordinary Magick, you can manifest unparalleled success, wealth, and luxury. Her impressive abilities will amaze you time and again, and she possesses potent psychic powers. With this Djinniya by your side, you will wield immense power. She is incredibly friendly and uses her Magick solely to aid you. Ever eager to serve her mortal companion, this immortal Genie Empress, who is around 700 years old, retains an eternal youth and beauty that will keep her looking and feeling young forever. She has requested that her name remain a secret, revealed only to her next keeper.

The Empress is bound to a 1.5" Pyrite Spirit Stone. She will arrive with her conjuring ritual.

This Royal Djinniya is not only powerful but also exceptionally intelligent and wise. She will guide you towards enlightenment and nirvana, helping you attain a state of ecstasy and pure bliss by connecting you to the universe's highest vibrations. Her next keeper will be blessed with special treasures and numerous gifts. Her heart is pure, and her energy radiates warmth and love. The only instance in which she will refuse to grant a wish is if it involves malevolent intentions. Her previous mortal companions all achieved great wealth, longevity, and prosperous lives. She will be your personal guardian and protector, always ensuring your safety. If you feel a connection to this Spirit, you may be her next fortunate keeper. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.