High-Quality Natural Citrine Gemstone Crystal Generates & Radiates Positive Energy!






Renowned as The Merchant's Stone for its remarkable ability to attract and maintain wealth, Citrine stands as a beacon of abundance and manifestation. This crystal not only beckons financial prosperity but also cultivates generosity, encouraging the sharing of good fortune. Its energetic embrace extends to fast-paced ventures, making it an invaluable ally in financial speculation and commercial endeavors. When clarity, precision, or persuasion is paramount, Citrine rises to the occasion, facilitating decisiveness and activating the cognitive processes necessary to bring forth inner visions during meditation.

This spectacular specimen has been on my hight altar for more than three decades and its powers are nothing short of awesome. It measures 4.75" x 2.75" x 2.25" and weighs over 1.5 pounds.

In the realm of creative expression, Citrine's frequency ignites the inner light, sparking creativity and stimulating the imagination—making it an indispensable tool for artists of all disciplines. Beyond its creative prowess, Citrine instills confidence and security, bolstering one's sense of self-assurance. High-quality natural Citrine crystals radiate sunlight with such clarity that they infuse the surroundings with positive energy, ushering in a sense of optimism and renewal. Moreover, Citrine's influence extends to interpersonal dynamics, smoothing familial or group conflicts and fostering harmony. By promoting understanding and resilience against external influences, Citrine nurtures loving relationships while shielding against negativity and jealousy. Its energy promotes devotion and commitment, laying the groundwork for healthy and communicative relationships.

As a crystal of manifestation and personal will, Citrine embodies the warmth and vitality of the sun, invigorating the spirit and propelling one towards new beginnings. Its transformative properties transmute negative energies into positive vibrations, fostering spiritual and material abundance. By aligning its energy with the human mind, Citrine paves the way for exploration and growth, guiding individuals towards new horizons and expanded capabilities.