Paradigm Shift Pendant Clears Psychic, Spiritual & Mental Blocks!







Here is a powerful Paradigm Shift Pendant, an extraordinary talisman that radiates calming and cleansing energies to ease your mind, eliminating stress and worry so you can focus on manifesting a better life. This pendant is designed to clear psychic, spiritual, and mental blocks, allowing strong cleansing energy to heal psychic wounds, reverse self-destructive habits, and encourage spiritual and psychic growth. It enhances your natural instincts and psychic gifts, protecting you by helping you steer clear of dangerous and damaging people and situations. The pendant provides complete protection from psychic attacks, dangerous entities, and the dark arts, using its sacred magick to repel negative people, bad luck, and bad energies. With these burdens lifted, your energy, courage, inspiration, and motivation will soar to new heights!

This magickal Paradigm Shift Pendant features a shimmering 3-inch polished Hematite stone that hangs from a sterling silver bail, and it comes with a blessed silver chain. Keep it near your bedside to accelerate the expansion of your subconscious. Place it on your altar or hang it in your home, and it will attract blessings to all who live there.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it so easy while you continue to struggle? Many of the most successful and famous individuals today harness the power of white magick to reach the highest heights. Why not you? Take complete control of your life with this extraordinary pendant, whose powers are focused and very strong. If you feel faint or overwhelmed by new sensations when it first arrives, allow your body’s energy to adjust gradually. Do not despair! Once you are attuned to this powerful magick, nothing can stop you from manifesting all that you deserve and desire in this life. Live the life you always knew you were meant for!