Triple Pentagram Brass and Copper Ritual Cup with Red Garnet Gemstones






Elevate your spiritual practice with this exquisite Brass and Copper Ritual Cup, a perfect blend of enchanting beauty and potent energy. Adorned with three vibrant red Garnet Gemstones, each set within a Pentagram, this cup is a captivating addition to any altar. Measuring 3" in diameter, this Ritual Cup is compact yet powerful, making it suitable for any altar or sacred space. Its convenient size allows for easy handling and placement during rituals and ceremonies.

This Ritual Cup has been blessed by our Circle under three New Moons, imbuing it with potent energy and magickal vibrations. Feel the transformative power as you use it to enhance your rituals and spiritual practices.

Discover countless ways to incorporate this Ritual Cup into your Magickal practices. Whether you use it for offerings, libations, or as a focal point for intention-setting, it will elevate your rituals to new heights of spiritual power and intention. Let this unique treasure inspire and empower you as you embark on your Magickal journey and discover the transformative potential of ritual tools crafted with intention and purpose.