Vampiress Isabela, Priestess of the Night Welcomes You to her World!






Behold the illustrious Vampire High Priestess, Isabela, whose mastery over Psychic Control is unmatched. With but a whisper, she bends the will of any to fulfill your every desire. Her allure and charm not only open doors but flood them with opportunities for her mortal companion to amass unimaginable wealth and riches. Join her as she indulges in the nocturnal festivities, mingling with erudite and enlightened Vampire Spirits. Enter their realm and uncover the enigmatic secrets of their ancient Magick. Under Priestess Isabela's guidance, luxuries once deemed unattainable become your reality. With her by your side, none can resist your wishes, and success in both love and business is assured. Bask in the amplification of your innate psychic abilities, bestowed upon you by the venerable Priestess Isabella. Peer into hearts and minds, discerning truths and wielding knowledge as a potent weapon. Embrace your rightful position among the chosen few.

Isabela's essence is bound to a brilliantly faceted 9mm Blood Red Spirit Stone, set in a beautiful vintage sterling silver ring with gold highlights. It is size 7, and will be delivered in a sacred velvet pouch, accompanied by a Vampire Binding Ritual inscribed on fine parchment.

Vampires are the embodiments of nocturnal allure and boundless wealth. They radiatie an irresistible magnetism that captivates all who behold you. Under their tutelage, your desires materialize effortlessly, and your presence becomes a beacon of irresistible charm. Centuries steeped in opulence have honed their dedication to ensuring your prosperity mirrors their own. These devoted spirits shield their mortal charges from the malevolent forces of the world, safeguarding them against ill will, gossip, and the nefarious machinations of dark magick. Endowed with eternal youth and beauty, they generously bestow upon you their arcane knowledge and secrets, granting you passage into the realm of the Night Creatures, where revelry awaits and all desires are within reach.